Zombies Survival

Zombies Survival

About Zombies Survival

To survive, you must fight and eliminate all of the hordes of undead that have taken over the earth, Zombies Survival is an exciting and dramatic survival game that will take you to a world dominated by a terrifying virus. Zombies and characters populate the game's world, and you'll face a number of obstacles in your path. You're one of a select few incredibly strong survivor types currently involved in the struggle for your life. It is imperative that you shield yourself from the undead while you make your way to the CDC for help. In addition to fighting the zombies, you must also build a safe refuge out of the zombies' view. Different types of buildings including fuel storage and production facilities as well as workshops for the upgradation of weapons etc. These structures can also be used to manufacture battle fuel or to improve your character's weapons and abilities, improve their ability to withstand stress and strains. Come on, let's go to war!



How to play

 Zombies can be moved and controlled with the arrow keys and the mouse.


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