Word Wipe

Word Wipe

About Word Wipe

Word Wipe is an interesting deviation from the standard word search because the rules are more forgiving, allowing for more combinations of root words. The removal of certain terms from the phrase leads to a wide range of possible combinations. The alphabet can be used in any order and from any direction. Form words by connecting adjacent letters and remove as many rows as possible. When you use letters together to form a word, they disappear from the board. As a result, the upper letters are shifted downwards, creating new and interesting permutations. Clear as many rows as you can by matching letters to form words. Can you go a long way?




How to play

If you want to play Word Wipe, you need to search the words on the board. Remove the tiles by clicking on the letters of the word. When the floor tiles disappear, the capital letters fall into place.


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