Squid Survival

Squid Survival

About Squid Survival

Welcome to Squid Survival! In this game you will have to participate in the most risky activity, win and remember that if you drive more gently, you will continue to succeed. Run and stop! Squid fishing can be won or lost. If the light is green, you are free to proceed, while a red light means you have to wait. If you draw attention to yourself, you will be kicked out of the game. This is not a simulation; You will face obstacles in the real world. You have to overcome it and win. With a beautiful graphical interface, vivid sounds and images, I am sure you will have interesting moments. Let's join and discover now!




How to play

Touch control on electronic gadgets with touch screens. Use the mouse on the computer. To play the game properly, you need to follow the included instructions.


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