Squid Adventures

Squid Adventures

About Squid Adventures

The developers of the video game Squid Adventures have come to the conclusion that they shouldn't waste their time on petty issues, so they've compiled all the challenges players are required to take. There are six rounds of competition waiting for you, and the first round, which you already know quite well and have been dubbed the "Red and Green Lantern", is here. You have to get to the girl's robot while pausing just in time for the lantern to signal. In the second round of the competition, there will be an ingenuity section in which the contestants will use a needle to carve a very intricate figure out of a dalgona. The third part is called tug of war, and as the name suggests, everything in this section is self-explanatory. To complete this challenge you have to throw the heavy balls into the yellow circle. The fifth obstacle is a glass bridge that you have to cross while keeping in mind the position of the bricks will keep you from falling over. A square game will finish the sixth and final round. To win, you'll need to outrun your opponent on the way to the square field. Join the challenge now!




How to play

On mobile devices, you can use the mouse or touch the screen.


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