Smash Karts

Smash Karts

About Smash Karts

The multiplayer racing game Smash Karts is presented in a three-dimensional format. To rise to the top, you'll need to race your go-karts, collect weapons, and blow up your opponent's karts. Keep playing to progress through the levels and discover more characters and prizes. In this arena, you will compete with other players for a total of three minutes of kart crashing. There are several different maps to investigate. You will earn experience points (XP) for playing any public game, which you can then put towards your overall level. Passing your car over tiles with question marks on them will give you a random weapon or power-up. You'll find anything from invulnerability to mines, machine guns, and rocket launchers among the options available. Hop into your go-kart and start causing some mess! You can choose from a bunch of crazy minifigures and karts in this game. Join and experience now!



How to play

To ride, you can use arrow keys or WASD, use SPACE to shoot.


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