Red vs Dead

Red vs Dead

About Red vs Dead

Here you go, playing the zombie survival game Red vs Dead. Zombies are taking over the city cemetery, and we must wipe them out. First and foremost, you must wipe out all of the zombies. The second cardinal rule is to stay alive. A redhead with an ancient gun can easily rid the cemetery of zombies and protect the city from further invasion. To put it simply, no one else can stop the zombies but this one individual. Zombies come in a wide variety, and each level of zombie has its own special abilities. Redhead's effectiveness against zombies can be improved because to the several upgrades available to him. There's something fascinating about a concentration of zombies gathered in one place. Learn about the activity right now!



How to play

Use the arrow keys to navigate, X to leap, C to fire, and Z to hurl explosives. You can use the arrow keys to the right of the shift key to get there.

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