Mr Herobrine

Mr Herobrine

About Mr Herobrine

Welcome to Mr Herobrine! Have you prepared to bring your career as a herobrine to the next level? Completely challenges, showing your fatal accuracy to the arrow and targeting enemies to defeat them. Come and witness the phenomenon of shooting for yourself. In this game, it is modeled after herobrine, you will need to use your skills. To defeat Stickmen, like many monsters and other bosses you will face in the block, you will need to have accurate goals and respond quickly. Discover new territories, defeat strong bosses and equip yourself with an advanced bow to defeat any enemy you meet. Now it's time to start your journey! Your first and most important question is: exactly what is love? No. Who should we kill?!




How to play

To start, you will need to click the left mouse button, used to control.


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