Bank robbery

Bank robbery

About Bank robbery

In Bank robbery first person shooter games, your goal is to eliminate all the law enforcement officers who are chasing and robbing the bank with their accomplices. Listing a bank is not a simple task. The key to victory lies in having a cohesive team, high-quality equipment, and a well thought out strategy. After buying a gun, you must remember to bring it with you and put ammunition in it. Be proactive and win the jackpot, but be ready to fight because no one will hand you money without a hitch. Are you ready to fight now?



How to play

Use the WASD key to move. Left click to fire your weapon. To use the iron viewfinder, you just need to right-click. Change your weapon using the mouse wheel or the numbers 1-5. Shift left - run Space - jump C means crouch; E means take your weapon.


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