Among Us

Among Us

About Among Us

Welcome to Among Us! This is a survival game and the goal is to find the impostors and kill them as you complete missions all over the map. If you take on the role of the Impostor, you'll be tasked with carrying out a series of secret murders of crew members to derail the derailment. You play against anywhere from four and 10 other players in a single match. Each participant in this game is responsible for his or her own unique actions. It is possible that the player is both a crewman and a cheater. You and your hand-picked teammates have been tasked with rooting out and eliminating any impostors. The game ends if one of the players on either team calls out the time. Being the only impostor will bring the greatest financial rewards. Let's see how talented you are!



How to play

To navigate, either touch the screen or drag the directional pad. Talk to others and raise your hand if you think one of them might be a fake.


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